Commercial Automation

The future of work is here. j.Patrick Audio & Video provides smart IoT solutions that fit your space, budget and performance requirements–from single, simple automated spaces up through global smart campuses. Our systems offer scalable solutions for all budgets and space types. Dynamic, comfortable, beautiful and responsive buildings are more valuable, productive and desirable places to work.

Conference Rooms and Work Stations

All the state-of-the-art conference room technology that your budget can buy won’t bail you out of a blinking internet connection. Dropped calls, pixelated video and choppy audio will fail to impress clients, frustrate vendors and waste employees’ time. Fortunately, with j.Patrick Audio & Video, weak Wi-Fi or overloaded bandwidth are problems easy to anticipate and prevent.

Digital Signage

From offices to shop floors, digital signage has become a must-have communication tool in the workplace.


Security is imperative for any business, and j.Patrick Audio & Video security systems are more intelligent and effective than ever. Our best systems offer computer-like functions and features, such as motion sensors and automatic mobile notifications. Some even let you automatically contact law enforcement instantly if needed.

When it comes to buying and implementing a new system, j.Patrick Audio & Video offers a large degree of customizability, meaning you can tailor a system to your business’s specific needs. Whether you need a widespread system with access control that can cover multiple locations or just a few cameras to watch your storefront, there’s a solution for all.

Window Treatments

j.Patrick Audio & Video offers the most advanced shading solutions for commercial spaces with a large variety of product options and features. From individual battery-powered roller shades to self-adjusting automated shading solutions, we offer the right system for any need. Reducing glare, maximizing daylight, preserving your view and enhancing the design of your workspace will all be taken to the next level with our shading solutions. We will optimize the design of your shading system based on building performance and aesthetic preference.