High Performance Home Audio and Video

At J. Patrick Audio & Video, home entertainment matters. Whether you want a complete home theater system or a simple surround sound installation, our certified professional installers can work directly with you to meet your needs, or we can work with your contractor to see that your new build or re-modeling project goes smoothly. Control the entire experience with the touch of a single button with a professionally programmed control system. There’s no need to learn multiple remotes to operate your home theater system–so simple and easy-to-use that anyone in the home can enjoy! No one should be intimidated by their home entertainment system, which is why our consultants will help you design a home theater experience that is right for your budget and your lifestyle–turning your vision into a reality.

TV Mounting and Setup

Need to get your TV mounted to your wall, or did you do it yourself and don’t like how it looks? Wall-mounting your TV is a great way to free up space in your living room and hide unsightly cables. Because of our knowledge, experience and skills, we guarantee that our TV installation service will hide every wire and cable, leaving your home with a clean, stylish aesthetic.

Home Theater and Media Systems

We offer professional home theater installation to deliver superb home viewing experiences. Although we carry an exhaustive range of high end and audiophile level brands, we offer options to fit any budget. With a wide variety of 1080p and 4K projectors and TVs, our home theaters bring your screen to life. And, with Apple and Microsoft media systems expanding into the home market more and more everyday, you will want a company that will keep up on the updates in these areas. We can install these products, and, with our networking and computer background, we can explain and service these systems for you as well.

Whole House Audio and Video

Today’s audio technologies offer a broad range of exciting options and features for homeowners, including comprehensive home audio. With our home audio systems, you can stream live music from different channels to any room in your house. In other words, you can have Pandora playing in the family room and Spotify in the basement all at once. Our home audio systems can also be controlled by smartphone, tablets, and wall-mounted devices. In short, we bring you the ultimate experience in luxury audio.

Smart Home Lighting Control

With a smart home lighting control system, you can create the perfect scene with the press of a single button. Create just the right lighting for every event in the home with a lighting control system. J. Patrick Audio & Video can program the lights in your home to never turn on to 100 percent, automatically saving energy. Also, by creating multi light scenes, you can use most of your lights in a dimmed setting. Lighting plays a huge role in the aesthetic and feel of your home, and smart home lights can help recreate that feeling day after day.

Universal Remote Control and Automation

Tired of fumbling around with all those remotes for your TV, Blu-Ray player and more? With today’s newest technologies, the home is rapidly changing, now allowing you to control your thermostat, lights, appliances and home audio and video all from the comfort of your bed in your master bedroom or the couch in your entertainment room.